Admission & Financial Aid

The admissions process at the Institute is the starting point of a long-term relationship between our school and the student. Our Admission Department will work individually with you to ensure that you understand all aspects of the educational experience. Before you complete the admissions process, we strongly suggest you sit in on a class for one day. This will give you the opportunity to see our school from a student’s perspective, to meet our students and Chef-Instructors and to form a realistic impression of our curriculum.

Steps to apply for admission:
1. Prospective students must complete an application form. (Applications can be obtained from and faxed to the Admission Department .) Applications can also be requested by phone when scheduling an interview.

2. Call to schedule a personal interview with the admission department. Applicants unable to come to Dhaka for an interview can arrange an interview by phone.

3. To qualify, prospective students must have a minimum of a Secondary School Certificate in order to start a program.

4. Attestation of certificate must be completed and submitted prior to starting school.

Financial Aid
We are committed to helping students make affordable financing arrangements. We work individually with each student to create a financial package that works. We help students to obtain loans offered by different banks like Standard Chartered Bank. However, prospective student for receiving a loan must have valid documents and required supports in order to have the loan sanctioned.

Tuition Fees:

Foundation Course in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts
NVQ, Level