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House Keeping Management (Room Service)

Housekeeping Management Course Introduction

Housekeeping is critical to the success of today´s hospitality operations. This course prepares students with what it takes to direct the day-to-day operations of this vital department, from “big picture” management down to technical details. Students learning experience is enhanced by Industry-driven case studies, listings of Web sites related to course materials and articles from The Rooms Chronicle.

Course Prerequisite(s)

Not Applicable.

Course Aim

To provide students with a systematic approach to managing housekeeping operations in the hospitality industry. Of Interest to Those interested in the housekeeping operations industry, or pursuing a career in the Hospitality Industry.

Housekeeping Management Course Breakdown

Lesson 1:

Types of Hotels; Hotel Management; Hotel Divisions and Departments; Housekeeping and the Front Office; Housekeeping and Maintenance; Teamwork

Lesson 2:

Identifying Housekeeping’s Responsibilities, Planning the Work of the Housekeeping Department; Organizing the Housekeeping Department; Other Management Functions of the Executive Housekeeper

Lesson 3:

Nontraditional Labor Markets; Making Jobs Easier to Fill; Recruiting Employees; Skills Training; Scheduling; Motivation

Lesson 4:

Par Levels; Linens; Uniforms; Guest Loan Items; Machines and Equipment; Cleaning Supplies; Guest Supplies

Lesson 5:

The Budget Process; Planning the Operating Budget; Using the Operating Budget as a Control Tool; Operating Budgets and Income Statements; Budgeting Expenses; Controlling Expenses; Purchasing Systems; Captial Budgets; Contract vs. In-House Cleaning

Lesson 6:

Safety; Common Housekeeping Chemicals; Safety Equipment; OSHA Regulations; OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard; Security

Lesson 7:

Planning the OPL; The Flow of Linens Through the OPL; Machines and Equipment; Valet Service; Staffing Considerations

Lesson 8:

Preparing to Clean; Cleaning the Guestroom; Inspection; Deep Cleaning; Turndown Service and Special Requests

Lesson 9:

Front-of-the-House Areas; Other Functional Areas; Special Projects

Lesson 10:

Selection Considerations; Types of Ceiling Surfaces and Wall Coverings; Types of Furniture and Fixtures; Care Considerations

Lesson 11:

Beds; Linens; Uniforms

Lesson 12:

Carpet Constructions; Carpet Problem; Carpet Maintenance; Carpet and Floor Care Equipment; Carpet Cleaning Methods; Special Carpet Treatments; Types of Floors; General Floor Maintenance; Floor Cleaning Methods; Floor Cleaning Methods

Course Notes

Course textbook is provided for on-going reference. There is a final exam upon completion of the course. Participants who receive 70% or higher on their exam will receive a certificate.