Why Select Culinary

Culinary field is one of the fewest areas where you can achieve a career comparatively in quicker time than any other areas of knowledge. Because the food scene in the world is hot. The world’s interest in restaurants, fine food and all things culinary has grown exponentially. Restaurants have become destinations, whether across the street or across the world, where people can celebrate, relax, entertain and share food and drinks. Many chefs have become celebrities, presiding over empires of eateries, specialty-food products and TV shows. And many hotels will not even consider opening without a top restaurant or food shop tucked just inside the front door.

Culinary field experiencing rapid growth include catering, food writing, recipe development, publishing, private and corporate dining, food styling, wholesale and retail baking, consulting and wine and beverage service.

Travelers are sampling the world’s cuisines while abroad and are returning home with an insatiable curiosity. The demand for locally produced, seasonal and exotic ingredients continues to grow. Busy schedules are encouraging people to eat more meals outside of the home.

Yet despite the public’s appetite, there are not enough well-trained culinary professionals to meet the demand. That is why there are so many opportunities for culinary school graduates.

Beyond the obvious career path of restaurant cooking, there are ever increasing number of other avenues for employment and success in today’s culinary world:

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